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Plancha Grill: All You Need To Know About Plancha Grills

People who love seared foods should have a plancha grill as their favourite culinary equipment. It is the perfect tool for “a la plancha” cooking, a Spanish word meaning “grilled on a metal plate.” The first grill models used in Spain and France had round metal plates, but the modern ones have a rectangular cast iron with a large grilling plate. Additionally, it has a grill and girdle side for enhanced versatility. It is similar to the standard flat-top grills.


This grill has numerous advantages making it a perfect catering equipment for home cooking producing the best plancha grill recipes. Its advantages include;

  • It gets ready to cook in 5-10 minutes, depending on the model.
  • The grill has relatively high temperatures ranging between 270-300°C, allowing for fast grilling of food to retain their internal juices.
  • It allows for grilling of all types of food, even the chopped ones, which would not grill in other barbecues.
  • This grill is user friendly- it does not emit unbearable heat and smoke and is adaptable for use anywhere thanks to its trolley.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor activities.

Plancha Cooking

The advantages mentioned above are enough to convince one to get this grill if they want to have a professional grilling experience. Plancha cooking sears meat and other food uniformly on the outside while leaving them juicy and moist on the inside. One can enjoy roasting a wide variety of meat and vegetables on this versatile grilling pan. Plancha cooking on this grill follows the steps below;

  • Heat the grill for about 5-10 minutes.
  • Brush the grill plate with olive oil or your preferred cooking oil. The oil covers the entire cooking surface. Sprinkle some coarse salt(optional).
  • Place the meat or any other food on the grill plate with the heat still on.
  • Allow the food to get a good sear before flipping it once.
  • Once it is ready, it should be removed from the grill plate and served hot.

After use, the grill should be stored clean for hygiene purposes. The user should wash the grilling plate by hand using water only and a nylon bristle brush or a pan scraper to remove the leftover food. After washing, it should be dried using a kitchen paper towel. With the grill plate still warm, the user should rub some oil to season it before storage.

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Plancha Grill

Plancha Grill Buying Guide

The market today has hundreds of electric and gas grills, making it hard to choose the best plancha grill option. A few tips that come in handy when choosing a grill are; gas-powered grills have a quick heat up time, precise temperature adjustments and are slightly bigger and expensive compared to the electric ones. Besides, electric powered grills are more convenient in terms of energy and take up less space. As such, grillers can use them on kitchen tops or on a balcony. Additionally, it is important to consider the number of burners as well as the quality of the grilling plate ( enamel cast iron is an ideal option). Happy plancha cooking!